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    Pettman Cup May 2024

    The Pettman Cup is run over two days with the best 3 of 4 race to count for the win. Sunday morning saw a moderate SW wind, with the race officer setting an M shape course with a running start and lots of angles to sail and a strong tide making interesting choices of upwind leg. Race 1 Graham and Heather got away from the start (being a faster boat) but could

    Published 23:22 on 30 May 2024

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    Easter Egg Cup 2024

    We turned up to a grey day with strong wind gusts forecast, what a start to the season, but when we got on the water we found it was pleasant, a nice temperature ,with light to medium winds. We started sailing east from the start line with very close competition in the mid fleet, with Chris in his streaker getting ahead and finishing first. Great sailing by Jacob and Lola in the 420 to get

    Published 11:12 on 6 Apr 2024

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    MYC Training 2024

    The training dates for RYA courses (dinghy and powerboat) are now on our website and available to book. For adults wishing to learn sailing in dinghies, the Club offers two courses which enable you to progress quickly from beginner to confident sailor in a controlled, safe and enjoyable environment. Both are RYA Accredited Courses comprised of two days instruction for each level, usually over two individual weekends. The dates available in 2024 are;

    Published 13:35 on 11 Feb 2024

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    Commodores Cup 21/05/2023

    Due to lack of wind, the Commodore's Cup was re - run this week , which saw very str ong 18+ mph winds, and a very big sea swell , thanks to the north er ly wind which has been blowing for the past few days. There was much

    Published 10:32 on 7 Jun 2023

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    Pursuit Race - 23rd April 2023

    Pursuit Race Our first pursuit race of the year, where the slower craft start first with the faster dinghies trying to catch up for a race limit of 90 minutes. The weather was cold and wet with strong gusty winds blowing off shore from the South East. Just before the start the wind gusts increased seeing one capsize and a retirement before the race had started. The capsize sorted, the start hooter went and

    Published 08:05 on 4 May 2023

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    Easter Egg Cup 2023 - Series Review

    Easter Egg Cup 9-10 April, 4 races in total. Sunday saw light winds, sunny sky and a keen group of sailors including new member's, ready for their first outing of the year and ready to race. Race 1 A close start with all boats vying to be first to the mark, then followed a technical race watching for wind gusts and allowing for the

    Published 11:10 on 18 Apr 2023

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    MYC New Clothing Range!

    Attention sailors! We have a new clothing range available for MYC, photos below. Nice quality kit, which includes a gilet, polo shirt, zipped hoodie, pullover hoodie, baseball cap and woolly hat. You can order direct from Trews Workwear via our website.

    Published 15:43 on 30 Mar 2023

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    MYC 2022 Prize-Giving evening

    The annual event where our successful sailors are presented with their trophies was hosted by The Rose in June Pub in Margate last night. A total of 24 trophies were presented for both the race-series winners, and for individual achievement. MYC Bosun, Graham Head, once again proved to be the man to beat, picking up no fewer than 7 of the cups. The awards were presented by Club commodore Sue Anderson, ably assisted by Rear

    Published 15:42 on 2 Mar 2023

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    Round the Island Race - Isle of Wight

    Race: Round the Island Race - Isle of Wight Date: 25th June 2022 The Round the Island Yacht Race is the largest sailing event in the U.K. Inaugurated in 1931, with just 25 entries, the challenge is a handicap race around the Isle of Wight. This year a happy mix of amateurs and professionals crewed 1100 boats and MYC's Heather Smith and Ben Hyam decided to join the fun. We raced

    Published 00:00 on 1 Jul 2022

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    Pettman Cup Race 3 & 4

    Race: Pettman Cup Race 3 & 4 Date: 5th June 2022 Conditions: E, Bft 4-6 Race Officer: Pat and Anita Safety Boat: Antony, Missy and Prue (then Tim!) Large seas made for very difficult launching conditions off the Gormley beach, the forestay on Tims' Gull snapped and he had to be towed back to the beach pre start. Mac

    Published 13:31 on 5 Jun 2022

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    Long Distance Race

    Race: Long Distance Race 1 Date: 22nd May 2022 Conditions: E, light winds (1-2) Race Officer: Patt Head Safety Boat: Jeremy and Anita A beautiful day for a sail, with a turn out of 13 boats for the first long distance race of the 2022 season. Fabulous to see people finding crew in the yard and working out who

    Published 13:59 on 22 May 2022

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    Halfmoon Cup Race 1

    Race: Halfmoon Cup Race 1 Date: 4th May 2022 Conditions: SW, light winds (2-3) Race Officer: Dave and Sophie Safety Boat: Beadie and Heather The afternoon rain eased, the wind picked up to a F2-3 SW and the sun appeared for the first Wednesday evening race of the season. Beadie and Heather were efficient in laying the course and, with

    Published 23:50 on 4 May 2022

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