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    Easter Egg Cup 2023 - Series Review

    Easter Egg Cup 9-10 April, 4 races in total. Sunday saw light winds, sunny sky and a keen group of sailors including new member's, ready for their first outing of the year and ready to race. Race 1 A close start with all boats vying to be first to the mark, then followed a technical race watching for wind gusts and allowing for the

    Published 11:10 on 18 Apr 2023

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    Pettman Cup Race 3 & 4

    Race: Pettman Cup Race 3 & 4 Date: 5th June 2022 Conditions: E, Bft 4-6 Race Officer: Pat and Anita Safety Boat: Antony, Missy and Prue (then Tim!) Large seas made for very difficult launching conditions off the Gormley beach, the forestay on Tims' Gull snapped and he had to be towed back to the beach pre start. Mac

    Published 13:31 on 5 Jun 2022

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    Long Distance Race

    Race: Long Distance Race 1 Date: 22nd May 2022 Conditions: E, light winds (1-2) Race Officer: Patt Head Safety Boat: Jeremy and Anita A beautiful day for a sail, with a turn out of 13 boats for the first long distance race of the 2022 season. Fabulous to see people finding crew in the yard and working out who

    Published 13:59 on 22 May 2022

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    Halfmoon Cup Race 1

    Race: Halfmoon Cup Race 1 Date: 4th May 2022 Conditions: SW, light winds (2-3) Race Officer: Dave and Sophie Safety Boat: Beadie and Heather The afternoon rain eased, the wind picked up to a F2-3 SW and the sun appeared for the first Wednesday evening race of the season. Beadie and Heather were efficient in laying the course and, with

    Published 23:50 on 4 May 2022

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    Easter Egg Cup

    Race: Easter Egg Cup (4 races) Date; 17/18th April 2022 Race Officer; Race 1 - Dave and Sue, Race 2 - Pat and Alyson Safety Boat; Race 1 - Don and Kevin , Race 2 - Tony and Paul Race 1 - Race briefing was led by Dave, a straight forward sausage course, the light winds made laying a windward mark

    Published 17:21 on 18 Apr 2022

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    Spring Points Race 3 & 4

    Race: Spring Series, Race 3 and 4 Date; 10th April 2022 Conditions ; Easterly Force 1-2 Race Officer; Pat and Alyson Safety Boat; Adem, Heather and Echo "The wind was everywhere and nowhere" Cadet Winter Ilhan. In the sunny yard, the wind was low and the RNLI flag was pretty limp and, well, flagging

    Published 16:05 on 10 Apr 2022

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    Spring Points Race 1 & 2

    Race: Spring Series, Race 1 and 2 Date; 3rd April 2022 Conditions ; Northerly Force 3 Race Officer; Tim Ahern, Sue Anderson Safety Boat; Emma, Adem and Echo An enthusiastic start to the season from MYC for the Spring Points series, Race 1 and 2. . We were greeted in the boat park

    Published 13:56 on 3 Apr 2022

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