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Prize Giving 2021

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Published 01:00 on 28 Mar 2022

Never mind the Oscars, the real awards took place last night at MYC HQ. Much fun was had as our Rear Commodore awarded the 2021 trophies to our sailing heroes. Tea lights twinkled, glasses clinked and smiles were worn by all, as we remembered a most wonderful season of sailing on the Margate seas well into the wee hours of the night. It was also our sailors last celebration the club house as it currently stands and soon to be renovated, Hoorah!!! You have done us proud.

And the winners are: everyone who has volunteered and given their time and energy to MYC! You are the best.

And more seriously the racing winners are... and in no particular order:


Pursuit Race Cup - Graham Head

Pursuit Race Series - Graham Head

Spring Points Series Don Gray

Easter Egg Cup Graham Head

Poupard Cup - Jacob Websdale

Improvers Series - Emma Macfarlane

George Andrews Cup - Jonathan Liff

Gentlemans Race Don Gray

Hatfield Cup Graham Head

Coastguard Series Graham Head

Summer Points Paul Norman

Pettman Cup Don Gray

Commodores Cup Emma Macfarlane

Half-moon Series Chris Nield

Long Distance Graham Head

Autumn Series Graham Head

Winter Series - Steve and Lynda


Club Champion Graham Head

Junior Achievement Pip Viner

Senior Achievement Award Antony Shaw

Cadet Cup Jacob Websdale

Robinson Shield, Youth Sailing Award - Jacob Websdale

New Member Award Laurence Head

Sailing Volunteer of the Year Richard Fulcher (for his commitment to MYC weekly Youth Training Program)

Boat Restoration Awards Andy Marsh, Beadie Finzi and Mark Nunn

Yachting Improvers Cup Heather Smith

Hugh Bennett Cruising Cup - Sue Anderson (for best ships log)

Safety Boat Cover Award Jeremy McCabe (for stepping up for all the outstanding Powerboat duties to support not only our racers but also our weekly youth training programme)

Clue Cup Antony Shaw - (for only ever being able to see the Clue of McDoo's sail)

1st Major Capsize Steve and Lynda Town ;-)

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