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Spring Points Race 3 & 4

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Published 17:05 on 10 Apr 2022

Race: Spring Series, Race 3 and 4

Date; 10th April 2022

Conditions; Easterly Force 1-2

Race Officer; Pat and Alyson

Safety Boat; Adem, Heather and Echo

"The wind was everywhere and nowhere" Cadet Winter Ilhan.

In the sunny yard, the wind was low and the RNLI flag was pretty limp and, well, flagging to honest. Would we be racing today our sailors quizzed? Absolutely boomed Mc Doooh helm and crew simultaneously. Pat assessed the conditioned and gave a superb race brief, at which point were off to finalise our rigging.

The conditions couldn't have been more different from last week: a calm sea with a changing wind both in strength and direction. Each time around the course presented new challenges for our eager sailors. There was a very keen start on the first race, so much so that it included a verification from the race box that no-one was over when the starting horn sounded. Sailors dealt well with the shifting off-shore breeze often a whisper and made surprisingly quick time. Lots of serious faces discussing tweaks to improve their performance sped by the powerboat. Race one Mc Dooh sored ahead with Wayfarer Silvie and a Laser 2000 (Dave) in hot persuit lots of achy arms were to be seen keep those jibs goose winged.

The second race started with Captain Scarlett out at sea, still practicing their kite technique for the race they were missing Cadets Lola and Winter rose to the challenge of the changing winds excellently and were very happy to watch their instructor give an excellent example of how to capsize and right a boat without getting the slightest bit wet. The wind picked up toward the end and some lovely sailing was seen. We managed a lovely run from the first mark out to the second as the wind swirled around for us. The conditions became so lovely that sailors stayed out to enjoy them. Back in the yard, more on land kite practice was taking place whilst helm and crews hung out on our new decking area eating homemade cake discussing the racing. Excellent power boat by Adem, Heather and cadet Echo, Pat and Alyson in the race box.

Results can be found here: Spring Series

Easter Egg Cup next Sunday 17th and Monday 18th April, two races per day, briefing at 0940, first race at 1030.

Next Spring Points race on Sunday 1st May, briefing at 0940, on the water at 1000 for a 1030 start.

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