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Pursuit Race - 23rd April 2023

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Published 09:05 on 4 May 2023

Pursuit Race

Our first pursuit race of the year, where the slower craft start first with the faster dinghies trying to catch up for a race limit of 90 minutes. The weather was cold and wet with strong gusty winds blowing off shore from the South East. Just before the start the wind gusts increased seeing one capsize and a retirement before the race had started. The capsize sorted, the start hooter went and Rob in his ILCA radial rig blasted off the line, followed by the Laser 2000's of Tony and James. The Wayfarers of Beadie and Peter followed, with Lawrence one minute after. 15 minutes after Rob, Graham started in the National 18, the race to catch up was on.

Beadie seemed to run into trouble with a rumoured sinking ship, ending in a capsize and subsequent rescue and retire. The rounding of the first buoy saw a run with the wind astern out to sea to an impossible to see mark, it was so far out, a large course was set on purpose. Then a very exciting beat to windward all the way to the outer distance start buoy, with big gusts and lulls. James had a minor breakage and he retired. After 60 minutes of racing Rob was still way in front but with a tight tussle between Peter and Don in the Wayfarer and Lawrence and Winter in the Laser 2, with place changes on each lap. At the finish 90 mins, Rob was well ahead, Lawrence 2nd and Peter just beating a fast approaching National 18 with spinnaker, 3rd and 4th. Tony and Paul persevered to finish 5th.

Well done also to Robin "Honks" who took out a Q'ba in very tricky conditions and appeared to have an exciting sail. Thanks to Anthony who organised the race and as usual big thanks to the Race Officer team and Safety Boat without who's help we could not race.

Full results can be found under results.

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